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Gold - perfect security

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For years, buying gold in the form of gold bars has been a proven way to effectively protect money from rising inflation. Gold is a commodity that holds its value, and it is not dependent on governments or currencies. Gold is available in limited quantities, so it represents real value that should not be missing from your investment portfolio. The high liquidity of gold and its easy monetization make it a universal worldwide "currency".

Investing in gold is also available for beginning investors thanks to the possibility of buying gold bars starting from 1 gram. Buying and selling gold is simple and safe with us, and in addition to classic purchases, with us you can also make gradual purchases of gold.

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We offer investment gold from the best and largest refineries in the world.The Swiss refineries Valcambi and Argor Heraeus produce gold, silver and platinum of the highest certified quality. We have bars from these foundries physically in our showrooms and available for collection.

The Swiss refinery Valcambi is one of the largest precious metals refineries in the world. You can buy first-class gold, silver and platinum bars. In our offer you will find, in addition to classic bars, Valcambi CombiBar and CombiBar Star, which you can divide and sell as little as 1 gram if necessary.

The Swiss refinery Argor Heraeus was founded in 1961 and is based in Mendrisio. It mainly focuses on refining valuable precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum and palladium. In the year of its establishment, Argor Heraeus was accredited by the London precious metals exchange LBMA as being among gold producers of "good delivery". Their gold bars have a purity of 999/1000 (purely 24 carat gold).



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