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World religions & popes in history

Unique medals

World religions


The issue of commemorative medals with motifs from five religions is a globally unique project that was first developed in a comprehensive set, which is embossed in precious metal. The project was created by the academic sculptor Ľudmila Cvengrošová, who was awarded the Rad Ľudovíta Štúra in 2007. These commemorative medals entitled World Religions form a mosaic of cleverly and aesthetically composed motifs, and this experienced and extremely skilled creator managed to conjure familiar and unexpected new symbols in a small area as well as characteristic elements of individual religions, including authentic inscriptions in the corresponding fonts. The medals are struck in two versions, in gold and silver, and they are part of a limited series. The products of the Kremnica Mint, where commemorative medals are made, have been among the best in the world for seven centuries.

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Unique medals
Unique medals

Popes in history

The unique collector's edition of medals offers an exceptional display of historical continuity and the Christian civilization from the academic sculptor Ludmila Cvengrošová. Seven rare medals in one set depict portraits of Roman pontiffs, from Pope Peter to the current Pope Francis. The creator of the medals, Ludmila Cvengrošová, received international attention when she created a medal with a portrait of John Paul II, and this great man only chose this medal for his personal archive. This success inspired her to create an edition of popes in history, which she and her colleagues worked on for almost five years.

Out of the total of 266 popes known to history, the edition focused on depicting 134 popes. Something created to such an extent is unique in the world. The medals are minted in the Kremnica Mint in a limited edition in three versions in gold, silver and tombac. The edition includes an exclusive pictorial publication in seven languages (Czech, Polish, English, German, French, Spanish and Italian). The author of the text is Mons. Prof. ThDr. Vilém Judák PhD., Bishop of Nitra.

This exceptionally unique project reflects the deep-rooted Christian traditions in Slovakia. In addition, the distinctive theme of the project speaks to a large group of people worldwide, thus presenting Slovakia on the world stage.

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